Saturday, January 19, 2008

That project...

that I was telling you about- I forgot to mention it!

Anyway, I was driving home after taking the Prince to preschool on Thursday when the idea struck. He is supposed to take snow gear to school every day, in a separate bag so that wet stuff doesn't get everywhere, and so it can be more easily contained. (They try to play outside every day, if the weather allows it.) I'd been sending him with a bag from Old Chicago takeout, which was a great bag- plastic, with nice handles, and perfectly sized- but it disappeared over Christmas break. Since then, he's taken a big red Target bag (one of the "peek-proof" Christmas bags)- which got destroyed, probably because he's four and wasn't too careful... and a White House Black Market bag, which is a great size but is made of paper. Neither option has worked too well.

I remembered an old post from Kelli, which linked to an Etsy tutorial, about how to fuse old plastic bags together and use them as either the material or the lining for new bags. I tracked down those links and got started...

I tried coloring an already-fused set of newspaper bags with crayons, covering them with another bag, and fusing again... not a bad result

The bag is made entirely from plastic bags out of my cupboard and fabric scraps from finished quilts(!) and is roughly the same size as a paper grocery sack. I folded it up like a grocery sack so the the sides might bend inwards instead of out when it is being carried. I also added a strip of velcro at the top, about 3 inches long, so that it can be closed if needed. I totally love the results, and I know that I'll use it during the warmer months to tote our swimming stuff back and forth to the pool!

The Prince took his snow stuff in it to school on Friday and it worked great!


  1. You really are the coolest mom ever! lol :)

  2. Wow, I wish it snowed here so that I could have one of those! You did a beautiful job. I love that you used such bright colors in the winter time. Did you get tons of orders from the other parents?


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