Monday, February 4, 2008

Life goes on

Back to "normal", I guess. Hubby is STILL sick- two trips to the Dr, a few chest X-Rays, several prescriptions, and an order not to use his voice (combined with the threat of permanent damage to his vocal cords!) later, he is in the beginning stages of pneumonia. Fan-freaking-tastic.

The kids are fine, with the exception of some runny noses and the occasional cough. The prince will be returning to preschool today, after missing 4 days last week. He misses his friends, and playing with people that aren't his sister, and even misses leaving the house. Poor guy.

I go in waves- some of the time I feel fine, other times I feel terrible. It's like I have the part-time flu. It's really kinda weird, but I guess it's better than having it full-blown... this way, hubby can help out a bit when I need to nap.

ThirdKid is back today, for a bit. He only came on Monday last week (thank goodness!) due to my kids being sick. Princess was jumping up and down when she saw his mom's car in the driveway today, she was so excited that he was back. I'm so glad that the three of them can play nicely together, my kids really needed the outside company today.

ThirdKid, looking ready for St. Patrick's day

Princess, wearing ThirdKid's shoes, "going for a walk"

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