Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's been snowing here. Hubby snow-blowed (is that even a word?) the driveway yesterday afternoon, we'd had maybe 4 inches or so... schools were letting out early yesterday because of the storm that was starting to hit. The driving wasn't good, and most churches cancelled their Shrove Tuesday events.

Overnight we got pummeled. I heard on the news that we got about 8 inches overnight, and that light snow is supposed to continue throughout the day- maybe another 2-4 inches. The prince has already been out and played for a while, and Hubby cleared the driveway again- you couldn't even tell he'd done anything to it yesterday.

throwing snowballs at me... except I'm inside, safe behind a glass door!

look at all that snow!

Princess was trying to play with the snow that Prince was throwing at us

my backyard


  1. Wow--you guys did get a lot of snow. We only got a couple of inches. Crazy... Much better than those tornadoes over in the SE though. How tragic...

  2. No kidding. I was glad that we only got a few inches the other day, because the Pella area got about 12 inches then, and more today! Ouch!

    I hear we're supposed to get more snow Friday... but I guess I prefer snow to tornadoes.


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