Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brownie Speaks.

When I was born, I had very little hair, but the hair I had was white. My hair was white for a few years, and slowly became less-white-more-blonde. Summers it got blonder (in middle and high school, Sun-In helped this process), winters it got darker (less sun and age contributed).

In college I started dyeing it blonde- so my roots matched the rest of my hair. No one was the wiser, I just looked like I always had.

After grad school and the birth of my first child, I noticed that my darker roots were getting darker than I was used to. I've heard that your hair gets darker as you have kids- I think it may be true. I got tired of the never-ending cycle of dyeing it to hide my roots, and started a new (and also never-ending) cycle: trying to keep up with the roots, in the other direction. I was trying to dye my hair to match my roots. Do you have any idea how hard it is to match a box of dye to your roots in the store? They SO need to put large mirrors in the hair dye aisle.

Anyway, every time I did this, I thought I'd been successful- but when the roots grew in, it became obvious that I'd chosen too light. Again. (Or my hair was just getting darker and darker with time... whatever.)

I stopped telling Hubby that I'd done anything. I started playing a game with him, to see how long it would take him to notice that I'd dyed it. I'd hide the evidence and act like nothing was different... usually he NEVER noticed.

Two weeks ago I took a big step. I took the princess to Target with me, so I could match the color examples to her hair. I was slightly afraid that people would think I was dyeing her hair, so I made loud-ish comments like "no, that color is too dark for mommy" and "you think mommy needs hair THIS color?".

I found a color that matched her hair perfectly, and would probably have been a very close match to my natural hair: Light Ash Brown. I thought that if I was really going to make such a drastic change to my hair color, I might as well like it... and I was not thrilled with "Light Ash Brown"- too "ashy". I ended up choosing "Light Golden Brown" which is a pleasant way of saying "Same Color as Light Ash Brown But With More Reddish Tones and Less Dull".

I made the change during naptime. Um, drastic. BIG change... but probably very close to what my new growth will look like. Matches my eyebrows extremely well.

Hubby. Didn't. Say. Anything.

For. Three. Days.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not upset about that- I just think it's a little funny!

During this time, his BFF (who is a colorist/stylist in Las Vegas and charges $150 for a MAN'S haircut) had been in town- stayed at our house- and commented that my hair was getting darker. Hubby still didn't say anything.

Then he asked. He'd been hesitant to ask, for fear of appearing "not observant" in case I hadn't done anything. My friend Sara said that the same thing happened with a guy she'd been seeing. She said she'd rather have him say something and comment that her hair looked nice (whether or not she'd made any changes to it) than appear to have not noticed the change at all. I think I agree with her... and I hope that made sense just now! LOL

I'm still calling myself Blondie, as that's what I've been called for the past almost-30 years. I played with changing the haircolor of my Meez, but I didn't like her with "Light Golden Brown" hair. So blonde she will stay.

I find it interesting that my mom, who has always had light brown hair, has been getting blonde highlights for the last few years, and now she is more blonde than I am...


  1. The guy I'm seeing (yeah, you read that right!) was totally oblivious when I got major highlights last week. I'm talking some major, blonde streakage (looks great if I do say so myself!) and he said nothing. Later on in our date, he noticed my shoes and I had to giggle--"You notice my shoes but not the rockin' highlights in my hair??" He said, "Well, I thought maybe you did something different but I didn't want to say in case you didn't". What is that, Blondie?? Here's how the conversation would go:
    "Sara--your hair looks nice. Did you do something different?"
    To which I would answer:
    A-- "Why yes, I did and thank you for noticing."
    Or B--"No, as a matter of fact I didn't do anything new with my hair, but thanks for the shout out anyway."

    Really, what have they got to lose?? :)

  2. Ok, girlie- first things first- you can't just tease me with that and leave me hanging! Would like to hear more, please!!!

    Second, you had me laughing out loud... I totally agree: they don't have anything to lose!

    (sigh)... men. What can we do? LOL


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