Monday, May 19, 2008

SQAL Block #3

I know, I know... It's practically Monday already (directions for block #4 will be posted in a few hours!), and I'm just now getting block #3 posted here! But I've had a busy week. And this has been finished since Tuesday- I just never got around to taking pictures and blogging about it.

This photo turned out a bit too dark- I should have used the flash.

This is a close-up, it's a much more accurate representation of the colors.


  1. I'm very impressed on your crisp points and matching. Lovely work.

  2. "Accurate representation of the colors"? Pshaw ... you just wanted to show off your perfect points! : )
    Great job!

  3. LOL.... well, that too! But the colors are so much easier to see in the second picture! :)

  4. Nice's so great seeing all the different fabrics folks use in the same block. Great choices!

  5. The block looks great! And I have to agree with john - but that's okay. With points like that, you SHOULD show off ;)

  6. Thank you, Jacquie and Michelle!

    Honestly, everyone, I WASN'T trying to show off the points... I really DID want to show the colors. Granted, I made sure not to show off a point that didn't look nice, but my points really and truly were not my intention here. If you'll look at the other blocks I've posted, I did close-ups on those fabrics, too:

    Either way, though, I really do appreciate your comments! I'm so glad that you all like these blocks!

  7. I love the colors, your right though, the first picture doesn't do them justice.

  8. Aw, we're just givin' you a hard time. :)

  9. your fabrics are beautiful...and you block is so well put together. nice job!


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