Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goals, Weather worries

My craziness has subsided a bit, and I'm home again for a while. I have some WIPs that I really want to get finished... so I have a couple of goals.

First, I'd like to finish up the top for my two-color quilt. I finally finished those blocks this weekend, but I'll wait to lay them out and post another picture until I have more whites finished (the ones that I did had a blue border). I'm waiting on that picture because it'll be easier to see progress with more equal numbers of blue and white squares.

Second, I need to get prepared for the Prince's birthday party. We have several 5-yr-old boys coming over on Saturday and I'm not sure what to do for party favors. I sense a Target run in my future. Provided the weather cooperates, the boys will be outside most of the time...we've asked them to bring their bikes!

My third goal is to get caught up on the SQAL. It isn't as much of a priority for me and may wait until the two-color top is finished. Don't get me wrong, I want to finish the SQAL, but I need to do the other things first.

Speaking of the weather, it's been nasty. Tornadoes, flooding, fun stuff. 15 years ago we were under water... many without power as well. Our water works was under water and the area was without running water for 12 days. Yes, folks, a large metro area without running water for almost 2 weeks. Drinking water was brought in from all over the country. It looks like we're on track for the same situation again. Thank goodness my house is on a hill, though my backyard isn't so fortunate. The creek in our backyard has seen lots of heavy water lately, flooding so much that the terraces and retaining walls that hubby built have been washed away.

The prince and princess aren't sleeping very well lately with all the thunder, and the prince is old enough that he's been freaked out recently by the weather radio's alerts- and when we had to go to the basement because a tornado was in our area. Several times in the past week or two we've awoken to find both kids sleeping in our bed with us- good thing we've got a king!

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