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I haven't been around blogland much in the last couple of days- I know that several people have left comments and I haven't had a chance to respond to them... I'm really sorry! I have a good reason, though, and I'm begging for your help!

My computer suffered a heart attack Monday night and yesterday it was wiped clean and revived. I have spent the better part of the last two days working on it and have it almost back up and really going... but I lost ALL of my bookmarks.

I know that doesn't sound like much, but I had a lot of bookmarks.

Please help me replace them! I would love it if you would leave a comment (or several), recommending sites that I should visit and bookmark. Here I'm really looking for crafting/quilting/sewing sites and blogs. I know that I had several tutorials bookmarked- the Everything Bag, a tute that explained how to figure how much fabric was needed for binding, some quilt patterns for charm packs, and so many other great things. I'm so bummed that I've lost all of those links. Thank goodness I didn't lose my reading list- Google Reader has kept that safe for me!

I'm trying out Firefox (I've been a Safari user for years), and am using a plug-in that saves all my bookmarks online... so I should never have this problem again.

So you want to help me, right? Let's have some fun with it! Comment with a suggestion or two (or three). If your suggestion(s) is a new one (not already mentioned by someone else), you'll get a chance in a drawing. One chance per original site suggestion, up to three.

Mention this on your blog and refer others here... you'll get another chance in my drawing for each commenter that says you referred them. I'll leave this open until 6 A.M. (Central Time!) on Sunday, June 22. A prize has not yet been determined... I'll let you know asap! (Give me a break- I didn't plan on having this problem, so I didn't plan on a giveaway this week!)

If you have weight loss/weight watchers/healthy recipes sites or blogs that you'd like to share, I lost all of those bookmarks, too- and would love it if you'd leave those on my other blog. Sorry- I'm not doing a giveaway for those, just here for the crafty sites. Thanks!



  1. I'm so sorry about the computer woes. I'm a firefox user...I hope it will work better for you. As for mama sew has that how much binding tutorial..i have so many sites I like, but I find A Stitch in Dye so inspirational and Syko is also one of my favorite blogs along with Wanda at Exuberant Color (she's been quilting for 51 years and knows everything!) There are so many more I may have to come back and share a few more.

  2. Yay! Thanks Jacquie! I've already bookmarked those sites and can't wait until I have a few minutes to sit and read- I hadn't heard of any of those three blogs.

  3. what a bummer. well, maybe this way you'll restore all you lost and find a few fun new sites.
    and sounds like a fun way for all of us readers to find some great sites at the same time. :)
    so here's a fun tutorial i just found: its for a cute little boxy makeup-type bag.
    and here's another bag link for using old pillowcases:
    good luck on the restore!

  4. Yikes! That is a disaster all right! So glad you are up and running again. Look at it as an opportunity to create all new bookmarks!

  5. I would pull my hair out if I lost my bookmarks, yikes. Check out Quilt Taffy, lots of wonderful fabrics, projects, inspiration and a giveaway every Thursday! I also love Polka Dot Pineapple, she makes such cute things, has some tutorials. The only problem is she is so productive I feel like an underachiever when I visit her blog.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  6. Ugh! What a pain! We recently had to give our computer an overhaul....thankfully we didn't lose anything. Anyway,I have LOADS of saved links on my blog if you are interested in checking them out. I just couldn't pick just one to reccomend....they are all so great!
    Have fun!:)

  7. I'm having so much fun reading all of the sites that you ladies have recommended- thank you!

  8. ouch...don't you hate it when computers have a mind of their own? some of my favorite links? freda's hive at blogspot...cotton spice online quilt magazine...quilter's cache for lots of free patterns...quilting bloggers for a huge list of quilting blogs...and keepsake quilting where i buy lots of stuff...if you need the specific links to any of these (just rattling them off the top of my head right now), feel free to email me! good luck! =)

  9. My mean computer ate the post I just posted to you!!!! AHHHHHHHHHaaaaa! I hate it when it does that!!!

    I'll have to come back when the kids are in bed...
    look up Craft Apple, Today's Creative Blog, Some of a Kind, The sky is pink, Running with Scissors.............there are SO many!!

    Expressing deepest sympathy at the loss of your computer!

  10. My commiserations! How about, and

    These are two great sites for a good allround look at crafty ideas and tutorials.

    Hope they help!


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