Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iowa Weather Pictures

I live in a metro area that has experienced significant flooding. 15 years ago- 1993- we had what they called a 500 year flood... and this year's flooding has topped those records. 15 years ago we lost power and water, efforts were taken to protect our city in the event this flooding would happen again. The waters have began to subside, and we have not had issues with power or water this time around. (Thank goodness!)

Our house is not near the areas of town that are experiencing the flooding. We have a creek in the backyard that tends to flood with heavy rain, but it has been ok- we've just had to make sure that we're keeping it clear of sticks, etc, and that the pipe that carries it under the walking path behind our house is clear. If we don't keep that pipe clear, the creek will overflow into our yard.

I thought I'd share some photos from around town. I found these photos on the local paper's website, all were taken over the last 2-3 days.

Please note: I DID NOT take any of these photos... some were submitted by readers of the local paper, others were taken by staff reporters. The very last picture in this post was sent to me via email, I do not know who the photographer was.

Little League fields are totally submerged.

This bridge usually goes over a lot of land- it's the Mile Long bridge over Saylorville Lake.

The water has already started subsiding. The arches on the bridges had been totally underwater. This is downtown Des Moines.

Just outside of downtown Des Moines.

Flooding very close to residential backyards, suburbs of Des Moines.

Downtown Des Moines

Downtown Des Moines

The same area, without flooding.

The building just right of center is North High School in Des Moines, Iowa. A portion of the levee failed early Saturday morning and this area was overtaken by flood water.

This is inside a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My heart goes out to those people who have lost so much from these floods.

This is the tornado that killed 4 Boy Scouts at the scout camp in Blencoe, Iowa. I got this over email from Kurt.

I found many more pictures here.


  1. That is positively hair-raising. I have goose bumps all over. My gosh, the picture of that tornado touching down in incredible.

  2. That tornado picture is horrifying. Oh my goodness....

  3. So hard to look at these. I used to sail on Saylorville Lake. Tough on so many people!


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