Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still not sewing, Just trying to breathe

I mentioned that things have been busy? And that it might be a few days until my next (this) post?

Well. I left home Friday morning to drive 3.5 hours to a church camp, where I spent my weekend. I was on camp for 50 hours and 25 of those 50 hours were spent certifying the camp staff in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid. It was a good weekend, very productive, but long and hot. It was also the longest I've ever been away from my kids, which was really tough- good thing that I was so busy, because it was hard to be sad when I had to focus on the task at hand.

I was exhausted when I got home Sunday evening, and fell fast asleep just a few hours later. The kids were extremely excited that I was home, and hubby was thrilled, too- but he was thrilled for some relief from parenting more than anything, I think. Yesterday morning (Monday) I was scheduled to teach from 8-12 in a small town about 45 minutes south... so I spent another 5.5 hours away from the family, and then I taught another class last night (from 5-10). Not enough time with my kids, and too much time teaching! Today I also had the two classes, and for the rest of the week I'll be teaching in the evenings. This coming weekend I'll be gone Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Hubby is not happy. The princess is 2 and has driven him totally bonkers over the past few days...

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to next Monday, when I'm done with this nutso teaching-all-the-time schedule that I've had recently. It never looks too bad when the schedule is being created, but when it actually gets here it seems to really suck!

In the past week, I've done virtually no sewing, cutting, or anything else crafty. Those darn blocks haven't changed at all- they still look like this:

I'm a week behind on the SQAL, but a week ago I cut out the pieces for last week's block... maybe this week it will get sewn... or not.

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