Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogging during class

Our annual family vacation is to a Family Camp at a church camp, I've come every summer for 20+ years. Between breakfast and lunch is bible study time, broken up by age groups. The adults always have a speaker- the past two years haven't been fantastic. (So I'm blogging.)

I wanted to share some pictures from our day yesterday- we had a fun, hot day.

Princess in her pigtails

The Prince got to try archery!

The kids LOVED our boat ride!


  1. I am so very envious of lake and pics. Looks wonderful (except the poorer speakers)

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  3. That vacation sounds like a great one! Sorry to hear about your pinky! :-(

  4. Oh, I miss being at Family Camp!!! :( Who is there? Are you all having a good time? It's too bad that the speaker isn't great again this year... Good thing there are always crafts--and now blogging!!--to do during it! LOL

    Nursing school is going great--at this time next year I'll have just graduated so I should be able to join you all again!

    I sent an email up to camp to greet everyone but just in case that doesn't get around PLEASE say hi to every one for me, ok? Have an awesome week! :)

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Your kids are adorable!


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