Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Change

Folks, it is time for a change in my life. I have been primarily a SAHM for the past 5 years, before that I worked in restaurants (serving, bartending, and managing), and in aquatics. During my time as a SAHM, I've worked part-time for the Red Cross, and I even had an 8-month stint as a manager at a local fine dining restaurant (I quit because the hours sucked big-time).

We've decided that I need to go back to work, and I decided to get back into a restaurant- mainly because the hours are somewhat flexible and they are definitely NOT non-profit (like the Red Cross or most places where I could use my education). I wanted to stay close to home to save on gas, and a friend got a job working at a new place that's opening pretty close to home... it sounded like a fun place to work, so I applied too- training starts Monday! I'll be working nights and weekends, so Hubby will have to sacrifice some of his Masonic activities to stay with the kids, but I think this will be good for us. I'm really excited about working in a restaurant again, especially about being just an hourly employeee- management is nice because the pay is steady, but the hours are terrible and often the waitstaff makes every bit as much (or more) as the managers do.

The thing with working in a restaurant is that you're always around food. I happen to like food. Fortunately, I've been reading Kath Eats Real Food and have been trying to eat more like Kath does lately (she eats "real" food- less grease, more purpose); her choices must be rubbing off, because as I look at the menu of this restaurant, there isn't much that really interests me. It is typical American fare- lots of grease and fatty stuff, not much on the healthy side, though there is a salad bar. Hopefully I'll be able to withstand the temptation and continue in my quest to eat healthier. In an effort to do so, I am going to take an idea from Kath and attempt to photograph everything I eat. (Yes, she really does post a picture of everything she eats!) If I'm going to be working in a restaurant and trying to be accountable for what I consume, this makes sense to me- be accountable to myself and to the internet for what I eat. Maybe I won't be successful at this... I'm sure Hubby will laugh... for sure I'll get some weird looks as I snap photos of my food... but if that's what it is going to take to hold myself accountable, I'm sure willing to try. I'll be posting these photos on my other blog, if you're at all interested, please check it out. I haven't posted over there for a few months and have surely lost all 3 of my readers...

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