Sunday, November 16, 2008

Camera Suggestions?

Ages ago, I mentioned that my beloved camera was kaput. I still haven't replaced it, but after some hassles with the extended warranty, I now have a gift card worth the original price of the camera. (This is good, because I bought it shortly after it came out, so the price has gone down from what I paid!)

I've decided that since we're SO close to Thanksgiving, I'll wait and purchase on Black Friday with the great deals that are sure to be available. I want high resolution and good zoom, but I don't need to stick to Canon (as this was my second Canon to die an abrupt death!). I want to be able to connect easily to my Mac, and I don't want a big camera that I can't slip into my purse or pocket.

I'd LOVE some suggestions. What do you love/hate about your camera?


  1. I like everything about my Panasonic Lumix (Which I got at Costco except that it is no pocket sized. But if you can put up with that you might like it. Thanks for letting me steal Hubby last night
    We had a great time at the Council Table Lodge.

  2. We have a big Nikon - love the pics but I still want a purse/pocket camera too.

  3. I just recently did this thing for work all about cameras and I think you might like the nikon coolpix. We personally have a sony that I really like, but its not small enough for a pocket.

  4. Hello,

    Since I had kids and wasn't willing to lug my SLR anymore, I have owned 4 Cannon PowerShot ELPH's.
    Time and again when my DH and I decide to upgrade to a new camera we both (especially me) do lots of (obsessive compulsive) research on all the new compact pocket cameras out there. And.... (drum roll please) we come up with the same conclusion. Quality, features, price, the Cannon Elph wins again.

    I have the Cannon PowerShot SD870 IS and am very hapy with it, it is similar to the one you used to own except with no viewfinder.

    These are the cameras I would look at:

    Canon Powershot SD990 IS (ultra compact)

    DMC-G1 from LUMIX G Micro System (mirrorless SLR)

    Canon Powershot G9 (prosumer)

    Here are a couple of websites I use to do research at when I look for a new camera:

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

  5. I love Canon cameras. I am also waiting for Black Friday to possibly buy a new camera.


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