Monday, January 5, 2009


Yes, I KNOW that it's January 5. I KNOW that most bloggers posted their resolutions days ago. I guess I'm just not most bloggers! :)

1) To spend more time with Hubby.

For years (at least since the Prince was born!) we've talked about needing to have a regular date night. This year, we're doing it. I've decided that Sundays will be our date night, and we're going out at least every other week. Yesterday was our first date night. I surprised him by taking him to a local winery, where we got to taste all of their varieties (we'd never tried any of their wines). Our favorite was called Bed Head Red, and our #2 was All Night White. Both cheap and good!

After the winery we went to our local British pub for dinner. I had my favorite "beer"- Strongbow cider, and we both had fish & chips. All in all, a very nice night out.

2) To lose some of this weight!

I haven't been on a scale for a while, but I'm sure I'm 20 lbs over my WW goal weight. It's been just over 1.5 years since I last weighed in at goal and I'd really like to be back there. I have several ideas for this weight loss (detailed over at my other blog), but in a nutshell I'm going to pay more attention to what I'm eating and drinking... and cut out some of the more fattening foods that I've been munching on these days.

That's it. Just 2 resolutions for this new year. I think that they are good resolutions, worthwhile and realistic. I want my resolutions to be attainable, I think these are. Last year I resolved to get back to my WW goal weight (and failed, obviously!)- I'm not planning on stepping on a scale until my pants fit better. I'm not worrying about a number on a scale, but I'm interested in the number on the tag in my pants (it is definitely NOT the number I was wearing when I was at goal!).

If you haven't shared them already, what are YOUR resolutions for this new year?


  1. I love your first Resolution. You both deserve it. My only resolution is here.

  2. i haven't resolved anything yet...yours both sound like good things. i'm still thinking...


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