Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Christmas Party

100+ people.  Snow, ice, salt, and sand on their shoes.  My house.

Our annual Christmas party was last night.  I was a little concerned when we woke up yesterday morning to a couple of inches of new snow, and the snow continued to fall all day- but we are headstrong Midwesterners and the need to socialize prevailed... well over 100 people were here, with several others calling to say that they'd started towards our house, but the roads in the outlying areas were too bad and they could not make it into the city.

We have this party every year, as an opportunity to spend time with friends, family and neighbors.  It's a good time and I try not to stress about it- but with 2 young kids, I realized this year that trying to deep-clean at all in advance was totally not possible.  So we spent all day yesterday cleaning... I finally got into the shower at 4:20 and our first guests walked in at 5:02.  Yikes.    In the end a good time was had by all, and I have ingested nothing but coffee and treats today.  The goodness of leftover holiday treats, right?!

I'm really just glad that the party (and post-party clean up) is over, so now I can focus again on finishing up the gifts.  I decided to make my MIL a quilt this year- it matches her great room, and I'm always cold at her house (so she'll like it and I'll be able to cuddle under it!).  I finished the top this week and put it away until after the party, so I'm hoping to be able to baste the "sandwich" together today and get started on the quilting.  The binding always takes me the longest, so I'm looking into machine binding this one- have you tried machine binding?  Thoughts?

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