Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Busy-ness

This has been a busy week! I certainly didn't plan to go a whole week without posting- although I haven't missed a day of lurking...

I've spent a lot of time this week working on the quilt that I decided to make for MIL for Christmas. Here it is, waiting to be made into a "quilt sandwich":

Ready to sew on the binding:

Ready to be trimmed and blind-stitch the binding:

YAY! I finished this last night, with plenty of time to wrap it to be opened on Christmas day!

The front:

The back:

I love this shot-


The prince was supposed to take treats to preschool to put in 'stocking bags' for his classmates. I wanted to make cupcakes in a jar- but I wanted to try making them in baby food jars (the perfect size for preschoolers, don't you think?). By the way, if you've ever wondered how to mail a cupcake, check this out!

Dear sweet prince, however, did not grasp the awesomeness of this idea, and preferred to give his friends candy canes. Simple. But he wanted to give everyone two, and he wanted to "put a sign on them that says Merry Christmas from Me". no problem I said... then I thought about it for about 2 seconds and realized that the cupcakes might have been more fun and require less hands-on time and effort.

We ended up wrapping ribbon around each set of two candy canes, tying a label to the ribbon, and then curling the leftover ribbon.

I wrapped 24 sets of 2 canes over the span of about an hour. This took waaay more patience than I thought it would have. I made sure to pack them securely back into their boxes so that they wouldn't break before they were delivered. In the end, the treat-delivery went well and the set that he put into his own bag has already been eaten.

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