Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Recap, New Project

I thought I'd post a couple of cute pictures from Christmas, which is not over yet for us. We had extended family arrive in town last night and will be celebrating Christmas and a couple of birthdays with them over the next few days. Today, however, I am taking some time to myself and am working on a new project. More on that later.

Here are some cute shots from Tuesday:

Playing with a new Little People set

Opening a gas pump for the car he got 2 years ago (hopefully he'll share this with his sister, for the car she got this year!)

This I love- taken after everyone had arrived and brought over all of their gifts as well. Princess just wouldn't let go of her plate and brought it with her for the picture!


Some info about me. I married my high school sweetheart in July of 2000. When we started dating, there was a down comforter on his bed that he'd had for at least a year or two, he used it all through college and I LOVED it- the warmest, softest blanket I'd ever used. When we got married, we bought a king-sized down comforter. We learned that we don't share blankets well, and because I'm not a big fan of the new comforter, I took his old one and he uses the new one. My (twin-sized) comforter is now about 15 years old (?) and I still love it, but I've noticed that the down is all getting smooshed to one end, and I've been cold at night lately. I suggested that I might need a new one, but Hubby suggested that instead I use the comforter as the batting for a new quilt- the first I will have made for ME.

I went out on Sunday, armed with a purse-full of "Coupon Commotion" coupons, and visited my local large fabric store. I decided on a warm, furry, fuzzy backing and then began choosing fabrics for the top. I wanted fun fabrics that I liked, and I didn't care if it matches the room decor or not... neither one of us has a cover on our comforter that matches the room anyway. (A bedspread is an upcoming project, but as it will be 3 yards square, it isn't a priority!)

I didn't take a picture of the awesome warm fuzzy fabric (it's like those fuzzy blankets that are so popular right now), but here are some of the fabrics that I've chosen:

This is a little washed out, but this fabric matches the fuzzy backing (which is a similar bluish color)

This got a bit washed out in the photo, but I love the daisies and zinnias in the print!

Also kinda washed out

This one is washed out, too

I used this for the binding!

I measured and thought I'd purchased enough fabric for the top, but now that I have everything cut out it seems that I'm short. I'm considering going back and getting more of the blue sqiggles fabric, or just digging into my stash. I know that I have some fabric that I could use, but I'm not sure if I'd have enough with that or not. I might use the rest of the fabric that I used for binding, but I had decided in the store that I didn't like how it looked with the other fabrics enough to use it for squares. The prince would say that I have a predicament... not sure what I'll do.

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