Friday, December 28, 2007


My sewing area- note the beautifully recovered sewing seat. I won't damage your eyes by posting the "before" photos of this seat... but I will tell you that it was 70's Ugly covering up 60's Fugly! This is much nicer, and matches the cornices I made for the windows.

My VERY old sewing machine- I'm thinking mid-50's. Guesses?

I got the thread rack for Christmas and found out that I had enough thread to fill this one and at least half of a second one!

Also got this neat gadget for Christmas. Looove it!!! I've been winding bobbins by hand since the bobbin winder on my machine broke in September... I don't recommend that. I actually got 2 of these babies, but one is going back- I can always use a little store credit!

My mom got this for me at a craft show- I had to promise to "act surprised" at Christmas. I love this artist's work and had to have this, but didn't really want to shell out the $$$ for it. Thanks, mom!

Too cute not to share! These cars stay inside so the kids get so much more use out of them than if we let them take them outside... though I'm thinking about ruling that they need to stay in the basement playroom. :)

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