Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Quilt... and Politics

We had a boring New Year's Eve- kids went to bed near bedtime even. We'd rented 2 movies (Balls of Fury and Narnia) to watch, but got interested in Law and Order- so we watched that first. I sat with my new quilt project on my lap, pinning the intersections of the blocks (so the corners match up when it is sewn). I spent 2.5 hours pinning the darn thing that night... but it got done, and the top got finished yesterday.

I laid the whole thing out and pin-basted it last night, got it quilted (or at least, as much as it's going to be... maybe not enough to actually be called "quilting"), and started the binding. I'd planned on machine-binding this project, as I really wanted it to be done quickly so I wouldn't have to spend a single night without my beloved blanket. I did about a third of one long side and hated how it was coming, so I decided to rip out what I'd done and just do the binding as I have been taught: machine-sew it on and hand-stich (blindstitch) to finish. I finally went to bed with the thing still covered in safety pins, but it was warm and cozy!

(I wish I'd taken some pictures of it while I was basting- it looked beautiful! I had the backing stretched a little too tight, so now it's a bit bunchy, oh-so-cozy... though not too worthy of photos, I think.)

I'm getting ready for the "Hawkeye Caucai" as a certain radio host is calling it. I've been pummeled with political calls, mail, newspaper/radio/and tv ads for MONTHS. The city is overrun with media- to the point where a non-partisan New Year's Eve party was held to give the media something to do for NY Eve. I really enjoy the focus that the state receives, and appreciate that there are so many opportunities to visit with the candidates. The thing that really irks me, however, is how the candidates have spent so much time out around the state, but haven't spent much time in the large cities- those events seem to be reserved for the media or for people willing to shell out big $$$. Hubby went downtown on Monday to see a candidate that talks about wanting to get out and see/talk to the people... had to watch the candidate's speech and questions from the hall outside the event. Why? Because the room was jam-packed with media... no room for 'real people'.

Tomorrow night I'll go and place my vote for the candidate that I feel should move forward in this election process. Who will I vote for? Still not sure. I do know that I will NOT be voting for the candidate that has spent roughly the cost of a used car to send me mailings and call my home, polling and hoping to win my vote. Sorry, dude- not gonna happen.

I'm considering switching parties for the evening and caucusing in the other party- for my favorite candidate of that party- in hopes that the candidate that I cannot stand might not get the nomination. Hubby seriously wants to move out of the country if said candidate gets the nomination and wins the election this November... I vote for Europe.

I think the Democrats have a caucus system that makes sense: the people gather together in groups supporting the candidates. Each group has to have at least 15% (I think!) of the total in attendance to be considered viable. If a group is not considered viable, those people have to choose another candidate to support. This process continues until each group has at least the minimum percentage of votes of those in attendance. The Republicans just vote and the votes are counted. I like the idea of possibly getting a second chance to vote for someone... the guy I voted for at the caucus 8 years ago did not win the precinct (or the nomination), and I would have liked to have supported a more viable candidate.

I also went to the candidate's afterparty last time around... it was a fun event, and the candidate discussed the caucus turnout and the percentage of votes that he had received. I'd like to go to one of those parties again this year. I've found the info about the candidate my hubby is supporting, but nothing on on his second choice candidate (I'll probably vote for one of those two).

How do you feel about the upcoming caucuses and primaries?

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