Sunday, January 6, 2008


I LOVE having company over- especially the kind that we like enough to have stay overnight. No really... I AM serious!

We had some friends over this weekend and had a blast. They have a sweetheart of a little guy ( just barely 6 months old!) who is at least as heavy and almost as tall as Princess (20 months). She adored having him here and gave him lots of kisses and lovin'. I truly meant it when I told them that they were "welcome back anytime" and that I wanted to do this again soon.

Yes, that is the Prince, tying up our company and trying to pull him off the couch.

Then he tied him up even more. Wonderful, son. (can you feel the sarcasm?) Actually, this was hilarious- I was laughing so hard. Turns out that 4 year olds can actually tie pretty decent knots!

Had it not been for the glare, this would have been a great picture

Princess felt she had to give the little guy a ride on her 'bike'... he recently learned how to sit up by himself, so this was interesting...

Both the Prince and Princess just loved having a baby around, but I bet they'd hate it if the baby was ours and didn't ever leave!

I know you don't care, but I think this is a great picture of some wonderful people- it made me smile.

And now I rest. This was the final event in our marathon celebration of Christmas, nothing more planned until next year (yay!).
The kids are in bed... asleep... hubby is playing a computer game ("shoot 'em up", I think).... and he suggested that we take the evening off and do our own thing, take time to unwind. Thank you honey, it's a great idea! I think I'll work on finishing my quilt.

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  1. This made me smile!!! Glad to be liked!!! Jacki a.k.a bummy-mummy


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