Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love my children

I do, I really, really do.
But sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of that... especially lately, as my daughter is becoming more and more of a "spitfire".

More on that in a minute. First, the Prince wanted to take some pictures this morning, so I thought I'd share a couple that he took of himself and his sister:

great self-portrait, especially when you consider the photographer's age!

such a cute smile

And now I'll show you WHY I'm reminding myself how much I love my baby girl. I emailed the following pictures to several friends this morning, along with this note:

For those of you with children like my daughter, be thankful that this was my house and not yours.

For those of you with good boys and girls, be thankful you don't have your own spitfire child.

For those of you without children, think long and hard. I really mean that.


PS- She was wearing these jammies at the time... and she rubbed it in hard enough that it went right through to her skin. AND this is what I haven't yet cleaned up- she also 'drew' all over my door, dresser, and her face.

my bedroom carpet and her jammies

how'd she manage to cover the back of the jammies, too?!?

I really, really, really love her.
I also really liked that lipstick.

Any advice on removing lipstick from fabric and carpet?


  1. Oh man!!!

    I am emailing you with information I have found.

    My one and only daughter got fingernail polish all over herself a year (?) ago. Luckily she was in the bathroom and not near carpeting.

  2. oh. my.

    I have no idea, but good luck!

  3. Blondie,
    Thanks for coming over to leave a comment on my blog. I was looking through your blog and must say that I can empathize with your "spitfire" adventures. Your kids are so cute. I also love the fact that you craft. I will definitely add you to my list.


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