Monday, January 14, 2008


So, I guess I should either make a point to post more often or not feel slightly disappointed when some of my favorite bloggers haven't posted in a while... I just clicked through my bookmarks and had a brief "bummer" thought when I noticed that someone hadn't posted since the 8th. When I got over to blogger, I noticed that I hadn't posted here since the 9th, so I really don't have any room to talk. (I have a goal to post on my other blog every day... trying to get rid of a few extra pounds before spring!)

If you've been wondering, the lipstick came out!!! Hooray! Three cheers for isopropyl alcohol and liquid dishsoap! The alcohol really did the trick, and the dishsoap got out any traces that remained. I wonder, though, if part of the reason it was so easy to get out was that the lipstick was from The Body Shop- a company that keeps their products as natural as possible with very few "unnatural" ingredients. Princess got off without much more punishment than a shower with soap and shampoo- that was enough to piss her off and know that mommy was not happy with her.

I've been reading here in the blog world about everyone's adventures at Target, primarily in the 90% off Christmas topic, and I thought I should add my adventures. (Or lack thereof.) I went the day after Christmas and stocked up at 50% off, knowing that things would get picked over FAST. I went back a few days later and reshopped at 75% off... then returned several things that I'd purchased twice- returning them with the 50% off receipt. I knew this would be ok (though the Guest Services lady didn't seem too thrilled with me), because I worked the Guest Services counter during college... you can do it but they aren't happy about it. Side note- I bought a Christmas tree at 50% off that year, then when everything went to 90% off I returned it... and immediately re-purchased it at 90% off, plus my 10% employee discount. I ended up paying $9.00 for a $100 tree!

I got my copy of Simple Gifts to Stitch today! I'm looking forward to getting started on the first project, but am not looking forward to a table runner that I heard mention of....

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go help with snacktime at the Prince's preschool. Today they are celebrating his 1/2 birthday, even though he's been 4.5 for a month now ("That's the funniest thing I've ever heard, Mom!"). They asked if we could celebrate in January because December was so busy and there were already 2 actual birthdays to celebrate. I'm so excited about snacks today, though, because I've been planning this for a while. Last year I didn't realize when they celebrated his 1/2 birthday, and just sent regular "approved" treats. But for birthdays you can bring "real" treats- it doesn't have to comply with the list of ok foods! I felt so bad that I knew I had to do something special for him this year. I made cupcakes in ice cream cones, topped with frosting and sprinkles to look like ice cream sundae-cones! I'm really excited, and I'm taking my camera to hopefully be able to capture some shots of the kids enjoying...

I had to make 20 to take for snacks!

Seriously, am I an awesome mom or what? :)

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