Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CrockPots, anyone?

I've decided that I need a new crockpot. The one I have works great, but it's getting a bit small. No, it isn't shrinking, but my family is growing (as is the amount of food that I cook!). The one I have was a wedding gift (8 yrs ago!), and I thought it was 2 quarts... but a bit of research on the company's website makes me think maybe it holds 3 qts... either way, I think I want a bigger one.

Do you have a bigger crockpot that you would recommend? I'm thinking probably 5-6 qts. I don't buy a darned thing without researching a little (to find out if what I'm buying will turn out to be crap), and I haven't found too many opinions on crockpots. I don't want to spend big money, but I don't want to buy something that I won't be happy with, either.

I'm also thinking about getting one of these neat units. My grocery store has a coupon for them this week- $10 off- that's 1/2 price! What a deal! Although I have no immediate use for this, I wanted something like it around the holidays, and I'm sure it would be a handy thing to have around. Anyone else have one?

Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate any advice you can offer!

To increase my chances at getting responses to this post, I'm cross-posting it on both of my blogs... thanks for understanding!

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