Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Re-purposing success!

Have you ever been to a hotel that doesn't use a top (flat) sheet- just uses a duvet cover on their quilts? I'm told that there are a couple of hotels in Vegas that are doing this lately.

Hubby and I do not use a flat sheet on our bed, and neither of us have for many years... I don't remember ever liking one, and he hasn't used one since before I met him 12 years ago. We use duvet covers and down comforters and wash the covers regularly. I prefer to purchase sheets individually (IKEA's SOVA collection is great!), but when I find them in the stores, I usually end up with an extra item- the flat sheet. We have a king-sized bed, which causes even bigger problems when it comes to buying sheet sets- because they come with king-sized pillowcases. Several years ago I bought 2 king sized pillows that are mainly for decoration, though they are nice for extra padding when sitting up in bed. The pillowcases that come with our sheet sets go onto these pillows, then I pick out a complementary set of pillowcases for our "regular" pillows (the ones that we use). So unless I'm using my IKEA sheets, our pillows never match the bedsheet.

I've wanted to use the flat sheets to make "regular" pillowcases, but have never gotten around to doing it... yesterday I did just that. After the first set of pillowcases, I decided that the Princess needs a flannel sheet for her bed. She has moved to a toddler bed and will probably be in it for quite a while. We don't have any flannel sheets that fit a crib mattress, and I love this fabric- so I started making her a fitted flannel sheet! (NO, I don't use patterns. I just "wing it", basing the new item on an existing item.)

No pictures of the finished products yet, but when her sheet is done, I'll add those pictures. I do love how nice my bed looks now, with 2 sets of pillows in cases that match the sheet! Yay!

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