Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger this week! I haven't had much to write about, so I haven't written at all... it's been a bad week at our house! The Prince had a nasty case of pinkeye and I was trying to catch up on everything that I didn't get done the week before (with the furnace guys here for 3 days)... it's been a little nuts.

Today I've done some cleaning and organizing. I cleaned and organized under my kitchen sink and in the Princess' room. I want to get more done, but those two jobs have taken quite a bit of time today. I'd like to work on cleaning out one area or even a couple of drawers every day, to get rid of things we no longer use... I plan to pare down our clothing collection as well... hoping that a little bit every day will keep me going, and I won't get discouraged because I know that there's SO MUCH to do.

I haven't done anything crafty since the scarves. I've been working on the binding on my quilt- one side is finally done! The quilt has been on my bed, in use since I quilted it- the first night the edges were all pinned together still, then I sewed the binding on and haven't done anything since- I'm finally getting around to hand-stitching it to finish. Hubby really wants me to work on his T-Shirt quilts (yes, TWO), so I think those will be my next project.

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