Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Found link!

A while back I posted a picture of an awesome piece of art that I picked out and mom gave me for Christmas. I said that I knew the artists had a website now, but I couldn't find the piece of paper with that info on it... I found it and it's a blog!

I just checked it out and actually found an older picture of a display with my big "home" piece in it, and something else that I bought for MIL. It's funny how I had to have this big piece right away (so no one else would buy it!), but it'd already been displayed at at least one other show- must have been fate that I was to get it, right? :) (These are all originals, they don't make exact copies of anything.)

Here are some pictures of what I have by these great ladies:

this is in my office... I wanted it in my entryway, but I just couldn't find a place where it "worked"

this is in my entryway, right when you come in the front door

this was my first purchase from these ladies, it is in my kitchen. The wording is: Work for the food that sticks with you, food that nourishes your lasting life, food that the Son of Man provides. He and what He does are guaranteed by God the Father to last! John 6:27>

this is in hubby's office

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