Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today's post was originally posted by Giselle... seriously, read this post. Delete the "Neighbor" game and change the names Andrew and Lily to the Prince and Princess, and you have my day today. And yesterday. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. Oh yeah, and it's fricking freezing here... yesterday it was 16 degrees BELOW ZERO. (So not the beautiful day that she mentioned. But other than that, she's described my last two days.)

Hubby has the sickness too. It isn't fun. Men are terrible sickos, aren't they?

I have very swollen lymph nodes (started last night, I couldn't sleep because my throat hurt so bad!) and I'm not laying around moaning and napping. (LIKE HUBBY.)
Instead, I spent three hours this morning running around town looking for a PLAIN BLACK sport coat, size 40R. Hubby needs one for Saturday. He already has two others- yes, two other black sport coats!-, but one of them apparently doesn't meet the requirements needed, and the other is the one he wears regularly. This NEW one will be specifically for York Rite use (having to do with the Masons, a men's fraternity); it will have all of his pins, etc, pinned on JUST SO and because it will be specifically for this one purpose, he shouldn't have to remove all this decor and then oh-so-carefully reposition them justright on said jacket. I know that this additional jacket lessen some frustration in my life, but the purchasing of the jacket has been a pain... mainly because I refuse to buy a new one and I must have seen roughly 87 navy blue sport coats today, but only 2 black ones. Neither of them in his size.


The princess got this crazy high fever Sunday night, acting like she felt really icky. Monday morning, she seemed fine. Monday afternoon, both she and big brother were whining, moaning, sickly, and had high fevers. Monday night, the Prince had a fever of 103.9. Yowza. Yesterday, both stayed home all day and acted puny. Today, the Prince felt much better, but I wasn't going to send him to school, especially considering how the rest of us felt. Princess is still way whiney.

And she's still awake. "Mah-mee! Mah-mee!"
Have I mentioned that they share a room? By their own choice, we moved her into his room late this past fall. Slight tangent: She has a really cool room of her own. I painted it to look like a forest in a kid's book- no book in particular- when I was pregnant with her... didn't know yet that she was a she, and wanted it to be a nice, gender-neutral room. It's a very cool room. Prince goes to sleep very quickly after we kiss them goodnight, but she likes to stay up for hours. We moved her into a toddler bed this weekend, so now she has free reign of his room after hours... I just ran up there (Prince had a night terror, but that's another story), and she had made herself a little couch of blankets and pillows on the floor, she was lounging there and watching Blue's Clues. And she'd turned on the light and the ceiling fan. *SIGH* That's my little girl, the one that pushes me to the edge of sanity several times every day.

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