Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still Laughing

So I have two uncles... the older one is in his early sixties and rather out-of-touch with young girls. He has a son (21), several (younger) nephews, a niece (11), me (28), and my daughter (20 months). Not too much contact with little girls, especially with those the Princess' age.

My aunt (his wife) is a nurse and works a lot, he owns his own business and has flexible hours- so he did the Christmas shopping this year. He asked me what kinds of things Princess likes, I thought I gave him some good suggestions. I also mentioned (laughing) that she likes to climb up onto our coffee table and dance... and that MIL joked that "at least she's not dancing on poles!".

Barnes and Noble. He decides to buy Princess a "dancing" book- because she likes to dance. He tells my aunt that he got her a dancing book... surely he wrapped it before she had a chance to see it.

Christmas celebration with that part of the family... he tells me that the book her got her "might be a little too old for her". I unwrap the book. It's a calendar. He tells me what he bought, and why he thought she'd like it- because she likes to dance. (She dances like most toddlers do... it isn't a big interest of hers!) I look at the pictures on the calendar... I think it might be too old for ME! I show this calendar to my aunt, she's way surprised and can't believe he's bought this thing. The entire family takes turns looking at the calendar, he's embarrassed, we laugh a lot.

This calendar is now sitting on the file cabinet by my desk, mainly because I'm not sure what to do with it.
I'm still laughing about this gift.

Some of the more questionable pictures are below... keep in mind, Princess will be 2 on May 1... I'm also including a picture of the info just in case you decide you need this calendar for yourself.

Again, this was a gift to my baby girl, who isn't even 2 years old!!!

Are you still laughing? :)

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