Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

So... we're not sure if it was the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus that visited last night:

The Easter baskets, hers sitting on top of TWO new potties... his on top of a big Lego set

Some stuff inside her basket

Inside his basket

And getting ready for church.

We've been thinking that potty-training would be going much better if the princess could get onto the potty by herself. She goes into the bathroom and expects us to follow her and help. Her brother used to get our attention before going into the bathroom- she doesn't. This means that things don't always work the way we'd like. We decided that she needed a potty that was her size, and that this was the way to go.

Roughly 2 hours after she'd received the potties (one for upstairs, one for downstairs), Hubby said "is it possible for potty training to go TOO well?" Not kidding: every 3-5 minutes, she went to her potty, sat down, and peed. We got her the smaller version of the BB potty, thinking it would be more her size (she is VERY petite), but having seen her on it I'm thinking the regular size would have been fine. Had she been with me, I would have been able to figure that out. Oh well.

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