Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet, Polite Baby

My little darling woke up around 2 am coughing... and I woke up too, worried about her.

I went into her room and found that her sippy cup was empty, so I told her I'd refill it and be right back. (Both of my kids keep sippy cups of water in their beds with them. I figure, I need a cup of water on my nightstand, I can't very well tell them no, can I?)

When I returned, she took a big drink and said "tank oo, bye-bye". How sweet! First, I didn't prompt her for the thank you, and second, the I took the bye-bye to mean "I love you, goodnight"... because she uses bye-bye for goodnight, for I love you, and for bye-bye.

Apparently the manners we're trying to teach are working! LOL

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