Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

Today is Hubby's birthday! Happy Birthday, honey!

I ordered his gift on March 1, but after I ordered, I noticed that it said "please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery". Ick. As my time machine is in the shop (so I couldn't go back a few weeks to order earlier), I decided to cross my fingers and hope it would be early... but so far, no luck.

This was good though, in a way, because it gave me an excuse to purchase the tickets that I really wanted to buy- we'll be in the 8th row for Bill Cosby next month!

We got a Bill Cosby VHS of one of his earlier routines for Christmas several years ago; when we were living on the first floor of a three-story apartment building. The first time we watched it, our neighbors came over to make sure that we were ok, and found us rolling around on the floor, crying we were laughing so hard. Our friends that lived 2 floors above us said that they could hear us laughing, too!

So, while I'm disappointed that the on-order birthday gift will end up being a Father's Day gift, he was happy with the Cosby tickets and I'm excited about them, too.

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