Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Progress and possibly pants

So I'm making a bit of progress on this quilt-

These blocks seem to take forever to make. I don't know how some people can just churn them out as fast as they do! I think my goal of getting the top done in a few weeks might be realistic- it will definitely take a while!

I bought a pattern and am going to try to make some lounge pants. I'd love to make Amy Butler's Wide Leg Lounge Pants, but I don't want to shell out the cash for the In Stitches book just for the one pattern. It's been years since I've followed a pattern (mainly because I'm terrible at it) but I'm going to try this... I'd love to be able to make pants for Hubby, he wears them every night.

If the pants project goes well, I have some nice fabric that I'm going to try to make some dressy pants with- following the lounge pants pattern. I have another dressy pair of pants that is that style and I adore them... why not try to make my own?

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