Friday, April 18, 2008

All-Star Dad

Hubby left early this morning to spend the weekend at a conference in Minneapolis and the kids wanted to do something special for him before he left. So yesterday I hurried and made those lounge/pajama pants; the Prince suggested that we make him a star pillow too, and that was super-fast to make. We also made a card that says "You're an All-Star Dad"... then wrapped everything up and put a big bow on the package. I don't have any pictures of the opening because the Prince was in such a hurry for his daddy to open the present RIGHTNOWDON'TEVENGETINTHEDOOR... I insisted that he let daddy get his coat off (but that's all he got to do!). Prince was very excited about giving his daddy this present.

They're a bit big on me- for Hubby, remember?

Contrast stitching on the hem

The card and star pillow that match the pants

Hubby loved the gifts and packed them right away so he could take them (even the card!) with him this weekend. The Prince suggested that daddy use the pillow as a cuddly when he's at the hotel... can you just see that? LOL

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