Sunday, April 20, 2008

Craig Ferguson and a Car Crisis

My husband has a friend that is incredibly nice and generous and gave us a set of tickets to see Craig Ferguson live last night. Jay (Hubby's friend) had purchased tickets to the show, then won a set of tickets as well- I was so excited when Hubby told me about it, because I stay up at night to watch Craig's monologue (even though I really need to be sleeping by then!).

Anyway, Hubby ended up going out of town to the conference I mentioned, so I took a girlfriend and we had a ladies night out. OMG we laughed so hard! Our faces hurt by the end of the evening, Craig was hilarious! I searched YouTube and found a clip of his routine for you (this was not filmed at the show we attended, but it was included in the routine we saw):

When we were leaving, his opening act (Randy something-or-other) was selling CDs in the lobby. Too bad Craig wasn't, because I would have considered purchasing one. Randy was pretty funny, but a bit on the vulgar side for me... If you ever have the opportunity to see Craig Ferguson in person, do it- it was a fantastic evening out!

The only downside to the evening was when I got home. I took Hubby's car to the show- because I love driving it and I didn't need to take my van for just me!- but when I got home I had a bit of a problem. Hubby backs his car into the garage. He does this because we have a pile of wood in the garage along his space. If he parks forwards, he can't open the driver's door and get out of the car- the wood is in the way. So he backs in and eliminates the problem.

I do not back into the garage.

Hubby drives a sedan, I drive a minivan. They are very different.

And I do not back into the garage.

I got home and opened the garage door, and began attempting to accomplish this feat. My mom was babysitting and came out of the house to make sure that everything was ok- she'd heard the garage door and it was taking a long time for me to come in... I tried to back the car into the garage for about 10 minutes... finally, I thought that I was far enough over to be able to get out of the car (and not hit my van in the process), but also far enough from the garage door that I wouldn't hit the garage.

I. Was. Wrong.

I did hit the garage; but just a little. (Is it possible to hit something just a little?)

Hubby's pretty car had a white streak about 8 inches tall and 1-2 inches wide where the white paint from the garage had transferred to the navy blue car. Yikes.

I parked in the driveway. I also fessed up and told Hubby last night on the phone, thinking that if I was honest and warned him- and gave him at least 12 hours to get used to the idea that I'd hit the garage with his car- that he wouldn't freak out quite so much when he got home and actually SAW the car.

Well, he did freak, and again when he saw the car this morning, but it could have been much worse.

Thank goodness for Google. I did my research this morning and tried the cheapest method first... turns out that isoprophyl alcohol removes house paint from cars without damaging the car's paint. I had to run to the grocery store to get a new bottle before I tried this, though, because after the lipstick incident, the Princess has continued her creativity and artwork- so I was all out of isoprophyl alcohol (and lipstick that doesn't have a screw-on lid... I apparently cannot own a typical tube of lipstick!). Just a quick coat of car wax after cleaning it up and it looks as good as the rest of the car! Yay- crisis averted!

All in all, last night was a great night... even with my "oops".


  1. I am so glad that you had a good time. And thanks for finding the clip. I linked to it from my post. "Hubby's" take on the conference is here:

  2. Oh yes, I used to tape Craig and watch him the next day. j


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