Wednesday, April 30, 2008


AmandaJean is doing another Quilt-A-Long and this time I'd really like to participate. I found her blog about halfway through her last one and didn't want to try to catch up. QuiltDad is going to do both this one and the last one- he plans to do both block 1 from this QAL and the last QAL this week, block 2 next week, and so on. Really a pretty good idea, but I've got so much going on right now that Hubby probably won't be too thrilled that I'm wanting to start on the current QAL (let along 2 of them!).

BUT, here's my idea. Hubby has been wanting a duvet cover for his down comforter. I was thinking maybe I'd have him pick out colors (or even fabrics?!) and I'd do this QAL for him... I'd have to extend the borders to make it the right size, but I think it should work. Hubby, you interested? Let me know.

If he doesn't want that (and it's possible, because I do have a list of t-shirt quilts that he's requested as well), I was thinking maybe blues and greens for this. And perhaps donate it, or give it as a Christmas present. I bet my mom would like this...

Really, it's a learning experience. I've never made star blocks before.


  1. Do it! Do it, do it, do it! We can commiserate about our spouses complaining that we're spending too much time on it together! Do you need a few more nudges to push you off that fence? : )


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