Saturday, May 17, 2008

Aack! I'm 12 again!

Omigod, I just laughed so hard! My friend Sara just posted a video on Facebook and sent it to me, I'm telling you, I feel like I'm 12 again! I was totally gaga for New Kids on the Block when they were popular- Joey was SO cute! They were my first concert- I still remember so much of that experience. I'm almost positive that Boys II Men opened that show for NKOTB... can you believe that?!?

So I had no idea that they were singing together again, and to see this video- singing parts of their old hits- brought it all back, I laughed, I smiled huge, I sang along, it was totally geeky and absolutely hilarious. Thank goodness I only had the Prince to laugh at me... The one thing that really struck me, though- how old they all look. OLD. Entirely too old to be using the name "New Kids on the Block"... but it was still a great way to spend 5 minutes.


  1. Cute - But they don't look OLD to me. I guess it is all relative. Thanks for sharing. (I was going to say something like oh my G**!) but thought the kids might hear it. :~) Stay happy, j

  2. hehehe... I know, but they were very young when they were popular- it's all relative. Just odd to see them singing those songs now, when they're "all grown up", those old songs make me think of their (baby)faces that I expected to see singing.

    (Did that even make sense? I was trying to explain myself, but I'm not sure I got my thoughts across...)


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