Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finished Shirt! OR 3835 Take 1

My first attempt at Simplicity 3835 is done! I used a fabric that I love (but haven't had a use for), and was really hoping that it would fit... it does!

I added 4 inches to the length, 2 inches to the sleeves, and a 6 inch slit on each side (for ease of movement). It fits really pretty well! At first I thought it felt a bit snug in the sleeves and chest, but after wearing it for the past 20 minutes or so, I'm quite comfortable. It fits like a t-shirt, but doesn't have the give that jersey knit does- very helpful in putting it on and taking it off...

I wanted this to be a bit long, but I probably won't add quite as much length next time- maybe I'll try 2 inches.

Isn't it purdy? :)


Blondie spoke... now you speak.

It's nice taking turns.

Have a great day!