Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kitchen Facelift


dirty, kid-stained chairs

another stained chair and the ugly curtains

the ugly curtain over my kitchen sink


new full-length curtains over the sliding door

the new curtains have a nice strip of dusty purple at the bottom; also notice the newly reupholstered chairs- they have a thick clear vinyl over the fabric (to protect them from my children!)

I made tie-backs for this curtain and the one over the kitchen sink... I love it when they're open!

kitchen window

My kitchen is purple- I love how the fabric matches the paint!

I love my much-needed kitchen facelift!


  1. Lovely! Nice work. By the way...if you're not using those Joann's coupons in the picture...

  2. Thanks!....and the coupons have already been spent! LOL

  3. Love your new decorating! By coincidence, this past week I decided I needed to recover all my patio furniture cushions and make new covers for my kitchen chairs to match my new dishes!


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