Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm making 3835 again. This time I'm adding an inch in width to both the front and the back, and 2 inches to both the length and the sleeves. I'll put in side slits again, probably 3-4 inches.

all cut out, ready to sew

I'm making a matching shirt for a dear friend (but I'll skip the extra width for hers!), and a matching 4206 for the Princess (I'm adding 5 inches to the length and an inch in width to my pattern that is 75% of the size 3).

the photo makes the design clearer than it really is- in person, the contrast isn't nearly as obvious

I'm making all of these matching shirts for a group picture. We'll be in these shirts and jeans, the boys (Hubby, friend's hubby, their son, the Prince, and my brother) will be in black t-shirts and jeans. The fabric I'm using for our shirts is black with a gray/black floral print... I couldn't bring myself to make these out of a solid black. I think that we'll look nice, my mom thinks we'll look like "gang-bangers". My dad considers all 8 of us to be his "kids"... this picture will be a Father's Day gift for him.

When I have these shirts done, I've still got a long list of things to work on- I'm still here, just busy this week!

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