Saturday, May 24, 2008

Matchy-matchy Complete!

I finished all 3 shirts that I was working on- and just in time, too. Our picture appointment was at 12:30 today and the shirts were totally done at about 11:15... and I hadn't showered yet or anything (I'd been working on finishing the shirts since I'd been up!) They really turned out well and my friend really liked her shirt, (and it fit!!!) so that was good. She lives too far away for us to get together very often, so I used my best guess for her size. The princess' shirt was a perfect fit, so I think I've figured out good alterations to the pattern to fit her right... I know I'll be making more of these!

The whole reason for this matchiness, remember, was a photo for my dad, for an early Father's Day gift. It turned out better than I could have hoped, just a really fantastic result. I'm so happy with this picture that I was almost glad when dad took it home tonight, I kept going over and staring at it. All three kids behaved well and looked great, which was way more than I had hoped for... I'd really been hoping that none of them would be crying in this photo (I have several like that).

Isn't that just fantastic? They did a really great job. Even better, I had a coupon for a free 8x10 or 10x13 (no sitting fees), and I stood my ground and didn't give in to their up-selling... so our cost for the actual photo was $0.00!!! She and I went and bought a frame and mat, so our total cost was about $20. What a deal. Dad loved his gift, and we all got to watch his reaction- it was a great day.


  1. I absolutely LOVE my shirt! You did such a great job! Thanks for the time and effort! It really paid off! You are becoming quite the home decorator. When are you doing my house? Love ya...smiles.


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