Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thrift, Schmrift

I keep reading about what other bloggers have found thrifting... many, many sheets seem to have been purchased at thrift shops somewhat recently. These sheets seem to have been used mainly to make quilts and shirts and dresses and skirts.

Thrift shops are fun, no doubt; but I have young kids and they make any shopping a bit stressful- I'd rather not take them with me to look for old sheets and other fabrics.

I KNEW we had some old sheets buried away in a box in our basement, I just needed to dig them out. I was picturing one sheet in particular that I wanted to make a shirt out of, and was hoping to find said sheet in that box. Tonight I went searching and found sheets that not only had I completely forgotten about, I don't remember ever owning!

I now have a pile of sheets, ready to become a new spring wardrobe of shirts (and a skirt, maybe a dress or two... and definitely another pair of lounge pants).

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