Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

Mother's Day was this past Sunday. WHAT? It's NEXT weekend?!?

Nope. At our house, it was last Sunday. And it was fantastic.

I've been wanting a new bike for over a year... I haven't had a new bike since middle school. We live on a bike trail- a trail that connects to trails that go all over the state (ok, so maybe not the state. But they go really far.)

And ta-da! Hubby surprised me with this:

and this:

I have a fantastic hubby and wonderful kids. I love my pretty new bike.
We're going to be outside a lot this summer.


  1. What a great gift! Hope you have fun with it. Thanks for your comment on my blog!!

  2. Good thing your Mother's day was last weekend--this weekend was so icky weather-wise. Hopefully it will improve soon so you can really get out there and enjoy it. ! :)


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