Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pink is the new green

I've been looking at some beautiful handmade tote bags all over blogland recently, considering making my own. (But what fabric to use? So many choices!)

I'd love to be using reusable totes for my shopping (Target and groceries), but the reusable ones sold in those stores are pretty ugly (and everyone uses the same thing! I'm all for fun and originality...)

I was perusing the Dollar aisle at Target this evening and came across my new reusable shopping bags:

They also had a similar design in black with white flowers, but I thought these were really cute. I used them for my purchases today and they were perfect!


  1. Speaking of bags, have you been over to check out my giveaway yet? : )

  2. Seriously cute! Now why can't all those bags be as adorable as these?

  3. You are going to be the envy of all shoppers!

  4. Boo-hoo! I MISS Target SO MUCH!!! I moved to RURAL Wyoming last year and I REALLY miss Target, Chipolte, and Valle Luna (local Phoenix Mexican Food)!

    Wanna pick up a few bags and mail them to me? I'd certainly pay for them... but I can't get the "Dollar Section" online...



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