Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Winner!

YAY! I won Tina's Pay It Forward contest and my package arrived a couple of days ago- I'm terribly sorry that I haven't blogged about this earlier... but I haven't blogged at all recently. :(

So. Back to my surprise. The UPS man brought me a big box:

and I was confused until I saw the return address label (I wasn't expecting anything that size/shape from UPS!). When I opened the box I found all kinds of goodness inside! Crafty stuff for the kids:

They will LOVE those! I've decided to save them to spice up a boring day in the future.

Also, There was a book (looks good!), a sweet note, some beautiful fabrics (I've already used one FQ!), and a package of notecards (I always need more of those!):

My goodness, did Tina spoil me- because that wasn't all in the box! Oodles of scrapbooking fun:

WOW. I was totally blown away when I got through this box! I feel like I really was a winner... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tina!

Now... that WAS a Pay it Forward that I won. And even though I also had a PIF, I really need to hold up my end of the deal here. Leave a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite food is that you ate growing up. I'm out of town all week, so I'll close comments at midnight (Central time!) Monday night (7/28). The winner will be announced by Wednesday, 7/30. Good luck!


  1. wow, that was a rocking great prize! I love it!

    So ummm favorite food when growing up. Does raw chocolate chip cookie dough with mini marshmallows count? Just kidding. I'd have to go with ummm. Uhhh. Nachos. I think. Sadly, I don't remember much of what I ate growing up.

  2. Holy mackerel, what a package!

    For my favorite food from childhood, maybe homemade granola? It was almost like a crumbled oatmeal cookie.

  3. Here from Swistle. I used to love popcorn. My snakc of choice!

  4. Seafood. My dad loves to tell this story where I went into a restaurant at age five and ordered broiled lobster with melted butter. (Yeah, I was an only child and I guess, a little spoiled!)

    Thanks for holding a contest. I found you through Swistle. I think quilting is an art that is too often practiced!

    Enter my contest for a change to win more scrapbook stuff!

    Elizabeth (teacher mom)

  5. My sister and I used to make microwave popcorn and ten melt additional butter to pour over the top. Yes, I know, outrageously bad for you, but yummy indeed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Hey! I am glad you liked your gift, and that book is really really good! :-) I want to play again... my favorite food? I can't really think of much except that I remember on New Year's Eve, my parents let us have chips and dip and it was, like, the best day of my life.

  7. ok, i'm soooooo jealous, your giftie rocks the house!

    my favorite food growing up was the bacon toast sandwiches my grandpa would I never eat bacon...

  8. Found you from Swistle. I loved pickles when I was little. I once at a whole jar (where were my parents?) and then got really sick.

  9. My favorite food growing up was junk food -- specifically, the oatmeal cookies sandwiched with creamy stuff -- you know, the little debbie snacks? Anyway, now they gag me, but then, they were a special "dad only" treat, so of course that meant I had to steal one and love it every so often. ;)

  10. baked spaghetti is the best! even though i have the recipe it still tastes better when my mom makes it.

  11. My favorite food as a kid was McDonald's...and I did NOT like pizza. Now? I wouldn't eat a McD's burger if you paid me and I'd eat pizza daily if I could without gaining a hundred pounds.

    ..and Mom's oatmeal cookies fresh on the day she made them. Mmmmmm....

  12. hands down kraft macaroni and cheese... kinda soupy and salty!

  13. Girl Scout cookies, especially the thin mints. I'd keep them in the freezer and sneak them all hours of the day.

  14. Rice Oriental Hamburger Helper with Sliced Water Chestnuts added in and Chow Mein Noodles sprinkled on top. :P


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