Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just call me Meanie

Funny story. There are several local aquatic centers nearby, including one that we frequent (and have a season pass to). Last year I taught a class at this this facility, the class was mainly comprised of that facility's staff. This spring I've already taught 3 more classes at the same facility, again all mainly filled with the center's staff.

Of those 4 classes, 1 of them was the Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) class- a class that will prepare and certify those that want to teach the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course (so I'm teaching them to be teachers). The other 3 were WSI classes, a class that prepares participants to teach American Red Cross swimming lessons. I think that the WSI class, while important, is more of an easy-going and laidback class- but the LGI class is more of a life-and-death class... there are more serious consequences for being a poor Lifeguard Instructor.

With that in mind, I know that I'm a very picky trainer for the LGI class. I know that I want their skills to be perfect, and I know that word has gotten out around town that I'm a tough teacher. I don't pass everyone that takes my class, I expect my students to be successful and demonstrate their abilities. Passing my LGI class is something that must be earned. I try to make the class fun and offer tips, tricks, and trivia during my class. I want it to be a worthwhile class and I want my students to feel as if they are bettering themselves and getting their time and money's worth.

So. I took the kids to this facility yesterday to play in the water. The Prince spent most of his time in the deeper water with a friend, the Princess and I stayed in the shallower water. We had a great time and it's pretty obvious to me that she inherited my love for water. While we were playing, one of my students, S, (in the LGI class, she works there) came up and chatted for a while. A few minutes after she left, her brother, L, (also works there, also in the LGI class) came up to chat. L said that they were in the lifeguard room and S told him that "Blondie is here, in the leisure pool with her kids". Some of the other guards that were in the room said "Blondie? You mean Mean Blondie?".

Nice. Now I'm Mean Blondie. Apparently my reputation for being a hard-ass teacher has reached farther than I'd realized.


  1. Sometimes that is the greatest compliment you can receive. As a teacher you want your students to do the very best they can. You are preparing them for the next step and in your case it could save someone's life,

    You just go on doing what you are doing and prepare them for what they need preparing for...They may not thank you now but they will someday.

    38 years an elementary teacher and one of the greatest remarks made about me was - "Once you've had Simser the Middle School is a snap."

  2. That's terrific and in time they will totally appreciate what you have done for them!


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