Friday, July 11, 2008

Wardrobe Refashion, take 1

My first attempt at re-fashioning an item of clothing. I bought these khaki jeans at least 6 years ago and haven't worn them in quite a while (they are a little short).

Following this tutorial, I created a skirt that isn't too bad. It isn't fantastic, but for a first attempt I'm pleased.

I cut the legs off pretty high- just above the crotch. I didn't want to have to resew the crotch like Procraftinate did.

Oops! Be careful when cutting the legs off... I cut off a corner of a pocket, too!

I used the legs of the pants to lengthen the skirt- I cut them lengthwise, then sewed them together to form the body of the skirt. Then I lined the body up with the top half, pinned them together, and sewed.

Finished front view photo taken by the Princess

Finished back view photo taken by the Prince. To finish the bottom edge, I carefully trimmed along what used to be a heavy side seam- now it is a nicely finished bottom edge!


  1. Not bad at all. Great recyling too!

  2. VERY CUTE! I thought you were going to add a skirt made out of another material to the bottom. Using the leg is a cute idea, as is using another fabric entirely! Thanks for making me think!



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