Monday, July 14, 2008

Waving the White Flag- Two Color Challenge

I've made the decision not to complete the Two Color Challenge. I'm so sick of this quilt, I really need to take some time off and do something else for a while. While I'm bummed that I'm not going to have it done for a while, I'm ok with it- because when I come back to this project, I'll (hopefully!) be rejuvenated and ready to push forward. But for now, this project has been carefully packed away.


  1. I so understand. It's fun to pull it out again and feel rejuvenated about it. I know I've said it's beautiful.

  2. I totally get where you are coming from. Sometimes its best to take a step back, even for a short time.

  3. I'm so glad you ladies know what I mean! I was planning on getting it finished and quilting it (today!) on my friend's longarm, but couldn't bring myself to sit down and finish the piecing!

    Maybe I'll start working on the piecing a bit at a time in a month or so, I think it won't seem like such a job when I'm not working on a deadline (even if it was self-imposed!)

  4. Oh's so gorgeous!
    I'm thinking it would be a great scrap reducer project for me.
    I know what you mean about getting to the point where you are really sick of a quilt.
    But I sure hope you finish it!

  5. Bravo on knowing when to say when! My friend says she has lots of things "marinading" in her sewing room... some thing just need to "sit and stew awhile!"


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