Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hell, yeah!


This is my blog and I'll say what I want to say.

This is not a topic I mention here often. I generally avoid political discussions, period.


I value my friendships and don't like "heated discussions" or disagreements with my friends. I also value my upbringing, morals, values, ethics, and country. I believe in the power of the people and limited government.

I agree with Rudy that CHANGE IS NOT A DESTINATION and that HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. I applaud John McCain on his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate... no, that's not true- I'm THRILLED.

Palin is a fantastic choice and I can't wait for her to become our Vice President. She has significantly more experience than Obama and is most definitely qualified for this job. If and when McCain's health deteriorates and Palin must assume his duties, she is ready and will be fabulous. She understands more than any politician I've seen (ever?!) what it is like to live in middle-class, small-town America. She is a mom, a governor, and has proven herself in politics. She has made positive changes in her state and she will continue with reform as Vice President. As she put it, her job is similar to that of a "community organizer", except she "has responsibilities".

Bloggers have been talking about Sarah Palin for VP since February of 2007. That's a full year and a half, folks. The media caught on and have mentioned her as a VP possibility, too- this isn't just someone that McCain chose at random.

And really? Even a democrat is endorsing this duo! If you haven't seen this yet, it is a great clip- take another moment and watch this, too.

Once again, This is my blog and I'll say what I want to say. Disagree? Don't read it. I don't read liberal smut that I see posted on other blogs. It frustrates me to no end that such nice people have opinions that I so strongly disagree with... so I pretend that those posts don't exist and -voila!- I'm over it. Hope you will be too.


  1. lots of opinions make the world go round...i love that people care enough to be involved. so, good for you. whoever wins, we all need to work to make this country a great place to live. cheers!

  2. Isn't it okay to read it even if I disagree with you? I absolutely agree that it is your blog and you should express yourself. There is enough bandwidth out there for everyone to say how they feel. I disagree with your opinions about politics, but I think we still could be friends!

  3. It's totally ok to read it. The thing is, I've had some nasty comments when I've posted anything right of center in the past- I don't mind opposing views, I would simply prefer intelligent debate rather than "your opinion is stupid and you are wrong for posting it" comments. I don't want to get torn apart for posting my personal opinions on my personal blog.

    I'm really a nice person and don't like arguments, which is why I usually steer clear of these topics- but I'm so pumped up right now that I couldn't resist.

  4. Well the problem comes when anonymous posters leave nasty comments. We can all agree to disagree, or just agree. But it is YOUR blog and you have all rights (isn't that what freedom is?) to say exactly what you want. I have stopped reading some blogs in the past because I didn't like what was said. And thats ok! But I would never leave a rude comment. That has happened to me on my blog. Even a rude comment about a blog on my side bar! Very bad IMO. I have not yet decided who to vote for so I say "opinons - please!" I'm glad to hear level headed people speak their mind.


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