Thursday, October 23, 2008

Handmade Christmas

I am planning on making most of the gifts that I'll be giving this holiday season. I've been collecting links of ideas for a few months and am just getting ready to get started. The problem is, I don't want to appear "cheap" to my relatives who don't appreciate handmade goodness nearly as much as I do... I want to be able to give gifts that they will appreciate and use. Some members of my family seem to place a lot of importance on money and the monetary value of things, I want to find gifts that they will be happy to receive.

Some of the links that I've been saving for this upcoming holiday season are:

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
Crayon Rolls or
Coloring Wallets
Makeup Bags
Neck Warmers
Fabric Baskets
Homegrownrose has tons of ideas here and here
And Jill has a great linky list here

I'm also thinking about lounge pants... I might make a few pairs for gifts. Also, someone posted ages ago about a tote bag she'd made out of vinyl (hers was green and cream, I think). I loved the bag and keep thinking I'd like to make a similar one- now I'm also thinking about making them as gifts. I THINK it was Amandajean, but after some searching of her blog, I can't find that post. Do you know which bag I'm thinking of? It had fun machine-stitched zig-zags to decorate the vinyl, and I think she'd made a matching coin purse. Super cute, I just wish I could link to it and a picture!

I've also been browsing etsy for ideas. I'm open to purchasing handmade gifts to save myself some time and help out some fellow crafters. I've found several great shops and will probably make some purchases over there as well.

I haven't narrowed down exactly what I'll be making for everyone. I'm still really open to ideas. What are you giving this holiday season?

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  1. i'm trying to do some handmade for christmas. my mom is getting one of my little house quilts and a sewing machine cover. (got to keep that bernina happy you know.) and a few quilts and pillows.


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