Friday, February 6, 2009

Because I Am...

... unable to post directly to Blogger from my head, I am surprised whenever I log in to Blogger at how long it has been since I've posted. I am constantly writing posts in my head, they just don't make it out of my head and onto my blog.

... working more and finally maybe finding a balance between work and home, maybe I'll be back to posting sometime soon.

... sore, I haven't been wanting to type much. I pulled a tendon in my arm a few weeks ago and am still recovering.

... lazy, I'm going to repost my 25 Things from Facebook. Apparently I'm a sucker for peer pressure- "everyone" did the 25 Things meme, now I'm seeing it popping up over here as well.

25 Random Things about Blondie:

1) I love my cell phone. I get nervous when I don't know where it is, and I'll go back home to get it if I realize that I've left it there. The fact that it is an iPhone makes me love it more, it's just such a handy tool to have around.

2) I really am not sure how to exercise if I'm not swimming laps. Really. I did a fitness/bodyshaping class a couple of years ago and it was ok, but honestly? I'd WAY rather just be in a pool. I would love to find a place where I could swim laps really late at night- like 11pm to 1 am.

3) Mornings are not for me. I much prefer staying up late.

4) I started quilting about 2 years ago and I love it. Hubby doesn't love how much time it takes, so I've stopped sewing as much as I'd like.

5) I tried knitting a while ago. I used online tutorials and Knitting for Dummies. I think I "got it" but I felt like it was a irritatingly stupid activity. Please don't take offense, I would love to actually knit things... but the process drove me crazy.

6) I do like to crochet those dish-scrubber things, though. I make a few of them every summer and that stash usually lasts me through the year.

7) I'm totally OCD when it comes to things being in their places and cleaning. It shows up a lot at work, but not so much at home. At home, I've really just given up because I have 3 kids that run around the house every day... it's just not worth the effort to keep the place even half as clean as I'd like.

8) In high school I owned a goldfish that "danced" every time I played the Greatful Dead.

9) I've played the flute, piano, alto sax, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. I adored the bassoon and made my own reeds. I quit because I hated the college band director.

10) I miss the Gettysburg and DC areas, and would love to go back to visit; but I don't think I'd want to live there again.

11) I've visited 6 countries in Europe. I hated Paris and most of Italy, but enjoyed the history of Rome. Also, the pasta and the wine in Italy were fabulous.

12) I spent a month in Japan and absolutely loved it. I took 4 years of the language in high school and it all came back to me while I was there.

13) I bought Hubby's wedding ring before he proposed. I saw it and loved it, and figured that maybe I'd propose if he didn't.

14) I made an offer on our house before Hubby saw it. I thought he'd like it and I didn't want to lose the house because of waiting for him to see it- he was out of town for work. Luckily, he agreed that this was the right house for us.

15) I had a great time with the youth group in high school. I haven't seen or connected with those old friends in years and I miss them.

16) I don't spend nearly as much time with friends as I'd like to. I think we all are busy with our own lives, but we should work harder to make time for each other.

17) I've always wanted 4 kids, but Princess is such a wild woman that the thought of having more is rather frightening. I adore our kids and know that a lot of people consider one of each to be just right, but the thought of only having 2 makes me sad.

18) Our 10th anniversary is next summer and to celebrate, we're taking the kids on a 7-day Disney cruise!

19) I hate to repeat myself. Especially if I've explained something, I really dislike having to explain it again.

20) Stupid people drive me nuts, too. Most of the time, just thinking a little bit before they open their mouths would make them seem less dumb.

21) I'm raising my kids to be independent and to think for themselves. I don't want them to have to rely on others to do things for them or tell them what to do/how to do things. I've met too many adults that rely on others for anything and everything: advice, money, time, etc- and I refuse to allow my kids to be like that.

22) I've never paid for cable and don't intend to. There's good stuff on the free channels... and we probably watch too much TV as it is. I do miss HGTV and a few other channels, but it just isn't worth it to me.

23) I spent the summer I was 16 working at a summer camp. It was a great summer. I really don't regret working there for just one summer, because I only have good memories.

24) My first car was a 1984 Lincoln Mark VII. I loved it. I totaled it on Mother's Day 1996, when I used it to recover a stolen vehicle (I totaled that car, too!). I don't think that I've loved another car as much as I loved that one. It was the only one that I've ever totaled, which is kind of ironic.

25) I hate cold weather and playing in the snow. I'd just rather be warm. I realize that I live in the wrong part of the country, but being close to family means more to me than being unhappy with the weather.

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