Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Quilt WIP

I've finally begun work on a quilt that I've wanted to make for a long time. Last fall, Hubby and I agreed on a pattern for this quilt, but honestly I was scared of the pattern (CURVES!) and procrastinated. I've been buying fabric for this quilt for months and months- every time I go to a fabric store, I buy at least a 1/4 yard of something to use for it. Our bedroom is a deep royal blue, decorated with pictures of Santorini (Greece), and accented in white... I was going for a cool, modern, Mediterranean feel. It's kinda hard to find a pattern that I think will be easy enough for me to handle, yet fit in with the decor of our room. I ended up designing my own pattern, based on several that I've seen before. I made a prototype by sewing one square (using scraps) and making some color copies of it:

I recently washed most of the fabric that I've stockpiled for this quilt, and today I attacked the pile with the iron.

Then I began cutting strips. I'll be cutting strips for at least another day or two, as this quilt will be about 110" square when finished.

I would love for this quilt to be ready to bind by mid-July. We go to family camp here every summer. They have a speaker for the adults every morning (breakfast until lunch), and the ladies- and even some guys- usually spend this time crafting while they listen. There are several knitters and embroiderers, mainly the crafting is all fabric/thread based... I'd like to spend my time this summer doing the binding on this quilt.

The problem? I can't free-motion quilt! I stitch-in-the-ditch, and that's the last thing I want to do on this project! I'd love to learn how to free-motion quilt on my machine, but my machine is giving me some stress lately... so although I'd love to take a class and do my own quilting, I'm thinking about asking a fantastic quilter if she'd consider helping me out (for payment, of course!) The quilter I have in mind is one of my favorite crafty bloggers, she does a beautiful job and every time I see a new project of hers I am inspired to be more creative.

Ok, so I know that was a bit linky, but it was also kinda fun to go back and check out some of her older stuff!

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  1. Looked at some of your blocks and that is going to be beautiful when you get it done!! I love blue and white quilts. My very first one was made out of scraps and ended up being blue and white. Apparently blue was my favorite color to sew with and I didn't realize it!!

    If your quilt's going to be that big, I would definitely suggest having it done. Particularly since it's for you and will be rather prominently displayed. I struggle to do a twin-size in mine just because of the bulk, so I've started sending them out. Some places, if you take a class, will let you use/rent their long-arm. But if you have a great source (and it looks like you do), let her take care of it. You'll never regret it!


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